Paramporul in Kanimadam

Yogi ramsuratkumar
Yogi ramsuratkumar
Yogi ramsuratkumar
Jaya Guru Raya

I am starting this blog to fulfil my Bhagavan’s work which he sowed in me on February 20th 2001. Till now I had no clue how he is going to start this divine work through me. By Bhagavan’s grace a few weeks back my husband gave this idea of writing a blog. So here I am.

It was on 20th 2001 early morning around 3 o’clock we got a call from my father who was in Thiruvannamalai. He conveyed the very sad news that Bhagavan has attained Mahasamadhi. We were all shattered by that news and tears started to roll in everyone’s eye. We all chanted Bhagavan’s nama and went to bed. While on the bed I was crying and thinking who is going to save our family as Bhagavan is no more in this world. There was a reason for my worries on that day, as we were going through a very hard time. I don’t know what time I fell asleep but I had a beautiful dream where I was in Kanimadam doing Pradakshina to Bhagavan. Suddenly I felt Bhagavan’s Thiru Vigraham was moving when I looked at him, from head to hip Bhagavan had a human body and hip to toe as Thirumani. It was like Vishvaroopa darshan, I was completely awestruck and shivering. Bhagavan in his voice which was echoing instructed me to tell ” Go and tell the whole world that the Beggar is here in Kanimadam“.
For me, that was not a dream. It’s an absolute truth. Whenever I was in front of him in Kanimadam he showers his blessings and always proves his true and powerful presence there.
I wish all the people in this world to get his blessings in Kanimadam.

In coming blogs, I want to share more of my experience with Bhagavan in Kanimadam. If you have any experience of Kanimadadam Paramporul, you are all more welcome to share that in this space.

Jai Yogi Ramsuratkumar

Today 01/12/2019 My Bhagavan’s Birthday
Happy Birthday, Father!